Living in the moment

There have been several weekends when I have come home from singing on the road and told my husband Ron about someone I met along the way. It has almost become a joke–he’ll say, “who’s your new best friend?” This past weekend is no exception. I had the joy of being at Trinity UMC in […]

Mountains Or Beach, by Ron

This has been a unique two weeks for the Whitler family. Rarely do we get to the mountains AND the beach in one month. Our event calendar had us at both with only 36 hours in between. I’m not crazy about the forced choice question–I love both! Our mountain event was a youth leadership event […]

Year End 2001

Zachary McKay Whitler joins the family, “So Far” — a new recording & 39 events in16 states It’s been a big year for us and a wacky year for our world. Who’d have thought at the beginning of 2001 that we’d end up here. We’ve had a great year. We’ve expanded our family with the […]

On Sabbath

We’re on the road… it looks like it’s going to be a great, busy, hectic, wild, exciting summer… lot’s of airports, hotels, camp songs, time in the car, new movies to see (yah baby), afternoon naps, firefly watching and sunshine… summer used to be a time to take my shoes off and relax, run in […]

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