once upon a time

When I was a kid, I loved stories.  I loved being read to at night and I especially loved made up stories my dad used to tell me.  He made up these nightly adventures of a country mouse… each time he started each tale with once upon a time.  I waited impatiently for him to […]

Inspiring Video

I thought this was a great video Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/v/arD374MFk4w

Jack Bauer

These thoughts took place between 1 PM and 2 PM. I must admit, since my last newsletter (which has been a few months) something has happened. I’ve become a little obsessed with Jack Bauer, the main character in the television show “24”. He works for a government branch that is involved in counter- terrorism. Ron […]

The Power of a Song

What a wonderful evening last night was! Click here to learn more about the event.


In the Nashville newspaper there is a column called “from Ms. Cheap” Ms. Cheap suggests various things to do around town and in the surrounding areas that are, let’s say inexpensive. Cheap sounds so… well, cheap. She tells of best music opportunities, such as free concerts in the park, or of new openings of stores […]

It’s not really about the coffee. . .

I love Starbucks – I have journeyed through many a Starbucks and have landed at the quintessential drink for my taste — chai tea with soy milk, no water, no foam with nutmeg on top. It’s heavenly! Thank you, Jamie, for the recommendation. No matter where I am I can order that drink and all […]

Mountains Or Beach, by Ron

This has been a unique two weeks for the Whitler family. Rarely do we get to the mountains AND the beach in one month. Our event calendar had us at both with only 36 hours in between. I’m not crazy about the forced choice question–I love both! Our mountain event was a youth leadership event […]

On Favorites, by Ron

Day before yesterday Max shared a brand new word with me . . . “favorite”. I’ve never heard him say it before. It’s kinda funny that his first use of the word was to describe a video he’d never seen before. He was carrying a video tape he had selected for viewing from a drawer […]

Ice Cream

Hey From Me: the art of eating ice cream….. What is it about ice cream? As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved ice cream…. I can still remember the sound of the ice cream truck coming into our neighborhood… do you think I ever had my money ready and anticipated his arrival… it […]


Greetings! Alot can happen in a week….. this time last week Maxwell ‘Max’ Grisham Whitler was born into the world…. 4:08 pm central daylight time (we hit the send button on this email, exactly one week later in celebration of his one week birthday–at 4:08 pm)…..Ron and I have had a wonderful wild week…. thank […]