“Same thing…. another day!”

Recently while singing at Brighton Gardens retirement home while traveling on the road, some friends there told of a lady who greets everyone she meets with this phrase… and a smile… a huge smile every day, multiple times a day with a smile. I laughed and then I have been thinking about her greeting, “same […]

Lilly Spot Whitler

Lilly joined our family on Christmas 2006. Our younger son Zach wanted a weiner dog and Santa didn’t let us down. Lilly is all dachshund all the time. Her coloring is called Piebald. When our old dog Blue died, Lilly became the road dog. She no longer needed to stay home so the old dog […]

Fall Break at the beach

You just can’t beat a great sunset at the beach. This was the sunset on Saturday evening October 18. It’s taken from the stairs that access the beach at Seagrove in the Florida Panhandle. Here’s a couple of pics of the boys taken the same evening. I love fall break.

Women’s Retreat at the Beach

Here I am with a some new friends at a women’s retreat AT THE BEACH. I told some stories and sang some songs wiht them during my sons’ fall break from elementary school. These women are from Point Washington UMC in Point Washington, FL. They live at the beach… sadly, I do not.

On Directions

Who do you ask for directions? I had an experience last month that got me thinking. I was returning from a visit with my friend Kathleen and I arrived early at my gate at the D/FW Airport, so I picked up breakfast from the McDonald’s in my terminal. Upon returning to my gate I noticed […]

Love love

I love First Corinthians 13. What is it about love, that I love? I mean love is such a broad topic. When I think about all that has been done for love, my goodness, I am overwhelmed. In my life alone, love has aways been at the core of who I am and what I […]


WHAT·NOT n. 1. A minor or unspecified object or article. 2. A set of light, open shelves for ornaments. January 7, 2006 – My flight was early. We were scheduled for a 6:46 AM departure and for me, that’s early. I had already had a half a cup of coffee and had been up since […]

Cherish What is True

Cherish what is true. Be about that which is eternal. Be able to name it both when life is easy and when the going gets tough. Some questions I have asked myself recently are: Does what I am doing have a purpose? Will this matter in 5,10 or 20 years? Do I spend my resources–time, […]


In the Nashville newspaper there is a column called “from Ms. Cheap” Ms. Cheap suggests various things to do around town and in the surrounding areas that are, let’s say inexpensive. Cheap sounds so… well, cheap. She tells of best music opportunities, such as free concerts in the park, or of new openings of stores […]

The one that got away…

Last month I had the joy of spending a day fishing with my cousin Paul and his fishing-guide buddy, Allen. We were in South Louisiana near the Gulf of Mexico, (we could’ve been in the gulf for all I know.) When I say joy, I mean “opening presents Christmas morning” joy; “lose 20 pounds” joy; […]

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