On Patience

it’s like this… I’m in the bank line.. you know the drill… I’ve got a deposit to make… I choose the line next to the window, because I can’t find a pen, so need to share one with the teller (you know the old pen & teller bit)… besides, there are only two cars in […]

On Remembering

What do you want to be this Halloween? I called a friend to ask him what his children were going to be this Halloween and he said that is yet to be decided… what I always loved about Halloween was that every year you had a do over… what worked last year hardly ever was […]


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner again. It’s been a quick year. I hope in the midst of all that this time of year is: (shopping, final exams, holidays, parties, family, friends, trying to find that just right gift, card writing and mailing) that you make time to remember that […]

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