“Same thing…. another day!”

Recently while singing at Brighton Gardens retirement home while traveling on the road, some friends there told of a lady who greets everyone she meets with this phrase… and a smile… a huge smile every day, multiple times a day with a smile. I laughed and then I have been thinking about her greeting, “same […]

It’s winter and I’m feeling it.

All that comes with winter is here–the snow, the cold, the barren trees and days spent indoors watching endless movies while drinking hot chocolate. Paraphrasing Charles Dickens, “it [is] the best and it [is] the worst of times.” I love winter for so many reasons: Thanksgiving, gathering with loved ones and sharing a meal, Christmas-there […]

getting the perfect beach photo

New You Tube Video posted on Celia’s blog! If you have trouble viewing… click here: http://blog.celiamusic.net/?p=281 Recorded in Ocean City, NJ on September 12, 2009

Fall Break at the beach

You just can’t beat a great sunset at the beach. This was the sunset on Saturday evening October 18. It’s taken from the stairs that access the beach at Seagrove in the Florida Panhandle. Here’s a couple of pics of the boys taken the same evening. I love fall break.

Life that is truly Life

While decorating our home for the Christmas holidays, I realized I couldn’t find baby Jesus from one of our nativity sets. He was there last year. After Christmas, I packed him up carefully knowing I’d want to know right where to find him when I set out my collection of nativity sets (does 4 make […]


I was at the grocery store check-out … the self-check-out with my six year old Max when she passed by — a friend I hadn’t seen in several years. As we noticed each other, I left my post and my scanning job and hugged her neck. “How are you?” I asked. Immediately I knew the […]

the Real Santa or just a helper?

The line was moving slowly and Max and Zach were not moving slowly, as usual. How crazy is it to stand in a line for a half hour just to see a man sitting in a chair? On the way to the mall we had a long talk about the difference between the real Santa […]


During the week of Thanksgiving, Celia sang at a community thanksgiving service. The sermon topic was, of course, thankfulness. One illustration has stuck with me. The preaching pastor, Alan Clark, had chaperoned a high school youth choir trip to England. One of the stops on the trip was the Tower of London. If you’ve been […]


I’ve never been big on editing. I usually say what I mean, so why toil over it? Will it really get better? As I work on songwriting I have worked with some co-writers who have the gift of editing–whittling down a message to a solid core–saying what needs to be said in the fewest words […]

On Advent, by Ron

Advent, a time of preparation. It started a little early at our house this year AND it was a baby we were waiting for. When I read the Christmas story I don’t often think about all the work that goes into bringing a new life into the world. I just think about the picture of […]

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