Power Guys

Driving home from school one day I asked Max about his day. “You know, mom,” was his first answer, then I asked the all probing question, “what’d you have for lunch?” That always gets him talking! I can honestly say I never remember any of those conversations from my own childhood. I’m not saying I was never asked, I just can’t remember. Well Max sure remembers his day. “Well mom, I didn’t eat much ‘cause I was trying to convince Scott (name changed, to protect the playground) that my power guys were real.”

The origin of power guys is that they are Max’s personal team of Power Rangers. For those of you who don’t watch Power Rangers, these guys are humans that have special powers. They are able to do what most of us dream we wish we could do – super human strength, super human energy. They band together and fight the good fight against evil forces. Check your local guide for listings.

“Scott doesn’t believe they are real and I spent my whole lunch time telling him they are.” Now Max and I have talked about the Power Rangers show, how there are story maker-uppers just like book writers, song writers, We’ve talked about actors- we’ve made movies, yet these guys are real. When in a bind, I’ve heard him say, wait let me call my guys, They’ll know what to do. He said, “I tried to tell Scott they were invisible but he just won’t believe me.”

And then I did it, I had to do it, well I thought about it first. “Okay Max, now are those guys real?” In the rear view mirror, I could see his face. “Mom,” he said. “Now Max,” I cut him off, “are those guys really real, real like dad and me, real like our dog Blue or your Brother Zach?”

Zach (4 years old) chimed in, “Mom they’re in a spaceship and they have control over their bodies.” Okay, I too wondered about this statement. The only thing I could figure was Zach’s teacher had talked with the preschool class about self control and keeping their hands to themselves, but Max seemed to know exactly what he meant. “Yea mom, they are,” and off he’d go, explaining something that I’ll be honest with you, started to make sense.

I have people out there who I don’t see regularly, some I see often, some I see rarely who are there for me, who I believe in me, who love me, who are on my side and fight the good fight with me and in a moment’s notice like a well trained army would fall into rank in no time. How do I know? I’ve seen them do it many times. I’ve called them, I’ve emailed them, I’ve called them, I’ve dropped in on them. I’ve run across them over and over againTheir real love sustais me.

God continues to show up time and time again. Sometimes God wears a familiar face, other times a stranger might become my closest friend in a crucial time. Crazy how it works over and over. I have experienced something I too cannot explain fully to anyone else nor convince them of how it all works except to say, I’ve witnessed it first hand and I too have stood by others. Shoulder to shoulder in the battlefield or on the front lines.

Recently I called a friend to who I knew was going through tough days. She said at one point, I can’t believe you called today. I just thought I was distracted and instead of addressing the pile of papers on my desk, I felt this indescribable urgent, this push to call her. You’ve had it, it sounds like someone calling my name, other times I just cant’ shake that person, until I hear their voice or see their face. A couple of months ago I heard of a friend in Nashville, going through a wacky time. I showed up at his door unannounced, when he answered it, he smiled and said, I love that you came here. I love that you love me this way.

I do believe there is a spiritual realm to life, to be honest I’m not in touch with it most of the time. I go about my life and every once in a while the Holy Spirit is ever present. I feel in turn and I miss those days when I’m not. I’m on my knees asking God to help me, to be in touch with them, with Christ,with the Spirit’s leading and God’s always present direction.

Well, just as we crossed the river toward our home, I began to have a change of heart.

Zach was saying, “I believe they’re real.” Max looked up with his head bowed and said, “I know mom, they’re not real”. Once again I cut him off, “You know what Max, You’ve proven your case, you might be right. Your power guys might be real and you can believe in them as long as you want to.” But you know Scott is real–a real friend–God is real and always with you and Zach and dad and I are real and we love you. I could see the relief on his face.

“Okay where are they now Max?” I asked moving on. “They’re flying near us, do you need them mom?” he asked. “Not yet, but maybe soon.” “Let me know,” mom, “cause I’ll call them for you.”

Reflecting on that day and his power guys, aren’t we called to be that, the church–to help in time of need, to be strong when danger is near. to fight the good fight? I can think of those who under incredible difficulties have had super human strength and courage; who make the hardest situation look easy and graceful. Those I have talked to, those real power guys, seem to have one thing in common — FAITH. Their belief that they are not deriving their strength, courage, and grace from themselves. God has provided. A friend asked me recently when talking with her during a discouraging day, “when has God let you down, Celia?” My answer would have to be NEVER; people frequently do; myself daily; God never, always present, always providing.

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