On Sabbath

We’re on the road… it looks like it’s going to be a great, busy, hectic, wild, exciting summer… lot’s of airports, hotels, camp songs, time in the car, new movies to see (yah baby), afternoon naps, firefly watching and sunshine… summer used to be a time to take my shoes off and relax, run in the sprinkler, drink icees (save those coupons–i still have the icee bear towel i got with those coupons) and drink those blue snowcones that turn your tongue blue, sliding on the slip’n’slide, the old turtle pool in the back yard and time to play hide and seek until dark… i hope in the midst of our busy-ness, we take time to rest and time to just be with friends… this summer, i’m looking forward to making new friends and traveling with my buddies… sabbath is what i’m talking about… i’m listening for God in the midst of this welcomed change of pace… i invite you to do the same.

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