Michael Krumrey

the Loss of Michael Krumrey. On October 5, 1998 Michael Krumrey died. Michael was Celia’s accompanist (he played the guitar.) He had some heart trouble and died in his sleep. Michael was 29. If you saw Celia sing during the last 5 years, the odds are great that Michael was with her. He played beautifully and is missed. Memorial information is available on Celia’s new album, or by replying to this email asking for information about the Michael Krumrey scholarship.

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  1. Michael was a very good friend of mine and I miss him so very much! I will never forget what an amazing person and great artist he was. Celia I would give anything to have the music you both did together I never got to hear anything other than what you sang at his Funeral! It was beautiful! I use to take pictures and listen to him and Danny Henderson play every time I got the chance too. They were my Favorite.. Micheal was one of a kind and I miss him dearly! Celia if you see this please I would love to heave a recording of what you wrote for Michael and all the songs you both did together. If you would be so kind let me know how to find them!! Thank you so much!

    Danette L
    Metropolis, IL

    The Home of Superman!

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