It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner again. It’s been a quick year. I hope in the midst of all that this time of year is: (shopping, final exams, holidays, parties, family, friends, trying to find that just right gift, card writing and mailing) that you make time to remember that first Christmas. What a chaotic time that must have been, but in the midst of all the noise, crowds, smells and confusion that must have come with that day–there’s an incredible birth. Lots of folks surely didn’t even know that it was going on. Are we, you and I, making time to find the significance in this day? I heard a pastor say that he felt that if we could get our priorities right on this one day of the year, that we could get them right on all the rest of the days.

We’re not going to wind the year up just yet, I’ll send a year end update of our lives in a couple of weeks. Merry Christmas–Celia

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