A couple of weeks ago I was tucking Max and Zach in bed. The normal routine is as follows. We talk about our day and answer the questions, “what was the best part and what was the not-so-best part of the day?” I loved the days when the boys answer, “there was no not-so-best part.” My next question is, “who do we want to remember in our prayers tonight?” Many of you are mentioned: friends, family members, classmates, pets, etc. As a Christian Education major at Centenary College, I remember one of the first prayers Dr. Don Emler stressed to the class to teach young children is the Lord’s Prayer. We say the Lord’s prayer. Max has added his own hand motions similar to Power Ranger’s moves when we get to the kingdom, power and the glory portion of the prayer. By the time we have had baths, read books, gone through the not-so-best part and best part of the day, and we have mentioned friends and family and said the prayer ending with the Lord’s prayer and the final closing, hug and a kiss; I am crying tired.

One night when I asked who we should remember, Max answered, “Anyone who’s bleeding” At first thought, I was taken aback– ugh. What a yuck kind of thought. Then Zach chimed in and said, “yea ‘cause they’re hurting.” So we said, “anyone who is bleeding.” If you were in that list, that night; I hope you felt God’s presence. It’s funny to think about the specifics of that–anyone who is bleeding is visibly hurt. We have scrapes and cuts around our house daily. Blood means someone needs attention. How many times have we all had a hurt that is not visible to others but it still is just as real? Depression… addictions, estranged relationships, and past wounds–I can think of several. My prayer is that I have eyes to see those hurts of others, that are visible and those not so well seen. God sees them all and fulfills every need.

Last week, we were at the beach with a youth group from Texas (shout out to First UMC Richardson). During worship on the beach it was shared, “as many as the sands on the beach and as much water as we can see and as far as the horizon is–God knows and loves us more.” As I am sitting in my church this coming Sunday, sometimes beside folks who know my seen and unseen wounds and have been there to bring healing, my prayer is that I will and that you will be agents of God’s love and presence in each others’ lives. As Max and Zach stumble through the Lord’s prayer and make ninja gestures toward the end of it, may I too be reminded of God’s love and presence in my life.

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  1. Hey, Girlfriend! It’s been toooooo loooonng! It’s so cool seeing Max and
    Zach on the website. I would love to see you and the kids and Ron someday.
    Will try to make it to Focus ’05 on the 28th and see ya!

    Miss you! Love you!


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