At the River

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Shall we gather, gather at the river? Shall we gather with the saints above?
Shall we gather, gather at the river? Gather for to sing of God’s great love.
Sinners all around the feasting table. Gladly God’s good grace we prove.
Shall we gather, gather at the river? Gather for to sing of God’s great love.

Sing the Love that made the mountains, shim’ring snow capped in the sun.
Rivers roaring twisting turning ’till into the sea they run.
Sing the Love that placed the infant, resting in her mother’s arms,
Graced the earth with glades and forests, laden with a million charms.

Sing the Love that fashioned music, thus to heal the hardest heart.
Work and water, dance and diamonds, air and azure, ants and art.
Sing the Love that gave the prophets, speech and strength beyond their ‘ken’
Love that calls us to repentance, time and time and time again.

Sing the love that knows our grieving, Through the long and tedious night,
Sing the love that brings relieving, Like the morning’s healing light.
Sing the Love that feels our sorrow, Bears our weeping, tastes our tears
Love that will not leave us friendless, Even when no help seems near.

Sing the love of God Almighty now distilled in human frame,
Humbly born and living simply, Jesus was his given name.
Lamb and Lion, source and Saviour, voice and vision, word and way,
King and calling, bridge and brother, Life and light and dawn and day.

Sing the Love that found us sinners, bound by lies or guilt or pride,
Met us in the healing water, fed us by the river side.
Sing the Love which now invites us, to the feast that never ends.
Down the ages now and ever, singing feasting, family friends.
Down the ages now and ever, singing, feasting, family, friends

Yes we’ll gather at the river; The beautiful, the beautiful, the river
Gather with the saints at the river, that flows from the throne of God

© 2004 Ken Medema and Celia Whitler
words and music by Ken Medema and Celia Whitler

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