What are you dreaming of?

What are you dreaming of?

This summer, one morning Ron, Max and I were eating breakfast at our favorite local hang.. Merridee’s… Ron and I were munching toast and getting our fill of coffee…while Max was asleep and a young girl looked in on him and I asked her… “What do you think he’s dreaming of?”… without hesitation she said… “the first day of school”… we all cracked up… what a great answer…. for the 7 yr. old girl the first day of school was right around the corner… and was exciting and new… all of us are dreaming of something…

These are some of the things I dream about… at night and during the day…..
+ new shoes.. I’m into red these days
+ the beach
+ 2 dress sizes smaller… ok I’m human
+ heaven… what it will be like… being with Christ… being with loved ones who are no longer here… trusting that God will be with me
+ good friends to hang out with
+ happiness… sometimes, I think happiness is a choice… I can choose to gripe and complain about what’s not going right or I can rejoice in the good that I experience daily
+ songs… lots of times in my dreams I hear music…. new melodies… new lyrics… sometimes in the morning light they don’t hold the luster they had a 2 am
+ what Max will be like when he’s older… what will he look like…what will he like to do.. what will interest him….how will he change the world… what will he be when he grows up
+ what will I be when I grow up.. what’s next for me in my life… it’s exciting to think about.. and scary… I know God will lead me. Ron and Max will journey with me as will several friends with whom I will
+ share love,nuturing and inpiration at every crossroads peace… for me, for my loved one, for you, for the world.

This new year…. will bring many new dreams… one thing I’ve learned about dreams is that the harder you work, the more they seem to come true. I love the quote from the movie Shawshank Redemption.. great flick… never gets old or dated… Morgan Freeman’s character says, “you can get busy livin’ or get busy dying”….I might add to that get busy dreaming…..what are you dreaming of?

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