Do you ever feel like you are in limbo?–Like you are waiting for something. Maybe you don’t even know what you’re waiting for. Lately, I’ve felt that way. In fact, I’ve felt that way lots of times in my life. I think advent has arrived a bit early at our house this year.

I am expecting my second son and there’s a lot of limbo going round–not the dance. We are waiting for the, as Max calls him, be’be’ (sounds french when he says it), and for all that the be’ be’ will bring into our lives. That kind of waiting is exciting…. joyous… exhausting…. and life giving.

I’ve also been waiting to finish this new CD of music “So Far”–I love the title. It’s a reflection of where I am these days–what I have to offer so far. The reward for this kind of waiting is being able to share it with others–the new songs; the stories that they came out of; the music; wonderful ideas of those who worked on this project; the message of love and hope and faith that I experience as I share these songs. It was worth the wait– some things are. My prayer is that this might be an encouragement to others in there time of limbo.

Other things I’ve been waiting and wondering about have not been as rewarding. Like what is going to happen to our country. Will war be part of our lives in the coming weeks, months or years? Will other events of terror darken our door in the near future? These are the things that bring me to tears and keep me up at nights. Last night I watched yet another hour of television about the past weeks events. There were stories about the families holding memorials in New York… firefighters … World Trade center workers…. police officers… moms… dads.. sisters.. friends… ugh. Many people were sharing how they were waiting for news–any news to hear if their loved ones had been found….ugh. What a terrible limbo that must be… my heart goes out to them. What a sick, sinking feeling –that kind of waiting is like walking through the valley of shadow of death… a valley that must seem to continue endlessly as you walk through it.

We have all waited for some wonderful things to hurry up and happen… and for some horrible things to pass quickly. And time is nonchalantly taking its dear. sweet time bringing about these changes in our lives. What can I do during these times? **I can remember that I do not walk alone.** I can turn to a God who is there for me and for you in our limbo–a God who in the form of Christ, knows what it’s like to wait. I can turn to a God who promises to be our refuge and strength during these kinds of times; a God who brings comfort and healing… when none can be found elsewhere; a God who says nothing can separate us from the love that is offered daily as a gift. May you and I both learn during these days…. to take a deep breath… and trust that God is with us.

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