On Support

Many of you sent a word of condolence and support to Celia following the loss of her mom, Carolyn, on January 22. Our devotional thoughts this month are thoughts of thankfulness for the support of The Community in our lives. Celia’s mom’s passing was unexpected, Celia will tell the story someday in the newsletter. The […]


On July 2, 2002, my sister, Grace Ellen Sirman Marcel, unexpectedly left this earth. From all that my family has learned, she died in her sleep. The Sunday before her death, she had gone to church, read scripture during the service and sang in the choir. That evening she e-mailed family and friends and had […]

Smokey Whitler

November 17, 1985 – Easter Sunday April 23, 2000 We called Smokey the wonderdog. He joined me (Ron) in the fall of while Celia and I were single. We were both busy working and building separate lives. Smokey went to youth group camp, to parties and to work at the church. As the years passed, […]

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