Where I was / where I am

There are times in our life when we remember exactly where we were when something happened: November 22, 1963 – I was only two months old, but from my mom’s stories, I grew up knowing where my mom was when she heard Kennedy was shot. She was in the kitchen cooking and I was there […]

It’s winter and I’m feeling it.

All that comes with winter is here–the snow, the cold, the barren trees and days spent indoors watching endless movies while drinking hot chocolate. Paraphrasing Charles Dickens, “it [is] the best and it [is] the worst of times.” I love winter for so many reasons: Thanksgiving, gathering with loved ones and sharing a meal, Christmas-there […]

In the Palm of God’s Hand

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m being held in the palm of God’s hand.” I heard that today and I thought, me too. What does it really mean to feel held in the palm of God’s hand? I’ve always thought it meant that I am trusting that God has got me–that no matter what I […]

A Life Well Lived

HEY FROM ME (AND MY NEW FRIEND PETE) “A Life Well Lived” I put together a house concert for a friend on Friday, November 28th (the day after Thanksgiving). I could tell you the whole story, but one of the songwriters who sang said it so well that I thought I’d pass his words along. […]

On Unslumping Yourself

In the words of Dr. Seuss “Un-slumping yourself is not easily done.” Slump – verb slumped, slumping – To fall or sink suddenly; sag or slouch: slumps A sudden fall or decline. The baseball player went into a slump and struck out 8 times in a row. We have been playing little league baseball this […]

apple trees

Consider the lillies… (or the Apple trees for that matter) — Matt 6:28b So I’ve go these apple trees in my front yard–four of them. They are too small to climb and they have only produced apples one of the seven years we have lived here. That was the year my dad stayed with us. […]


Some days are a blur. I look back and think, “what in the world?” It’s gone–one minute, one hour, one afternoon, the whole day–gone; and what has been done? Everyone gets the same 24 hours. Michelangeo had the same 24 hours and look what he did with it–amazing! Bill Gates had the same 24 hours […]

What’s next?

Springtime always reminds me of what is new and what is now… and what is about to be birthed that hasn’t been before. The subject of what’s next seems to come up frequently in my conversations with friends and acquaintances. What’s next with my life.. what’s next with my career… what’s next with the relationships […]

“Houses of Hope” luncheon

From Habitat For Humanity, Nashville, Dickson, TN Division “Houses of Hope,” a very successful fundraising luncheon sponsored by TriStar Bank was held Thursday, April 10, at Greystone Golf Club in Dickson. More than 100 guests attended, and the event raised more than $20,000 for the agency to build more homes for purchase by hard-working, low-income […]

Have Hope!

This past week Max and Zach went to a midweek program for children at church. Our children’s director told me afterward of her discussions with them. She told them the story of Jesus meeting the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35) and asked each child what they thought Jesus would say to each […]