On Readiness, by Ron

Celia’s last newsletter was sent out in June. We have some catching up to do. It’s been a busy, incredible summer and the traveling has been great. Saturday night we saw the movie “Second Hand Lions.” I recommend it. It is the story of a teenage boy who is literally dropped off in the front […]

On Loss, by Ron

The valley of the shadow of death . . . we’ve been walking through that valley. Celia’s father, Rev. William Vincent Sirman, whose 80th birthday was devotional subject in our last e-mail newsletter, passed away on May 24th. He had come to Tennessee for a visit (with our apple trees, primarily) and suffered a heart […]

On Birthdays, By Ron

Four Score and Three Years ago… It’s a month for birthdays at the Whitler house. The Four Score: This past Tuesday (May 6) we celebrated Celia’s father’s 80th birthday. He had a heart attack while visiting us the prior week and so we had the party in his hospital room. We had pictures and singing […]

On Favorites, by Ron

Day before yesterday Max shared a brand new word with me . . . “favorite”. I’ve never heard him say it before. It’s kinda funny that his first use of the word was to describe a video he’d never seen before. He was carrying a video tape he had selected for viewing from a drawer […]

On Advent, by Ron

Advent, a time of preparation. It started a little early at our house this year AND it was a baby we were waiting for. When I read the Christmas story I don’t often think about all the work that goes into bringing a new life into the world. I just think about the picture of […]

The Undo Button

We started work on Celia’s next album. For those of you who have been with us from the very beginning, this one makes five. We have no idea what the final title will be, but we like what we have recorded so far. I am amazed at how the technology of recording has changed since […]

Smokey Whitler

November 17, 1985 – Easter Sunday April 23, 2000 We called Smokey the wonderdog. He joined me (Ron) in the fall of while Celia and I were single. We were both busy working and building separate lives. Smokey went to youth group camp, to parties and to work at the church. As the years passed, […]